628 meals in one day!
June 14, 2018

On Wednesday, June 13, we served 286 guests in our dining room at the House of Bread.   The lunch was a choice of ground turkey with tomatoes and potatoes, or ham with sweet potatoes, with a side of fresh vegetables, bread, tossed salad, fruit and yogurt.  

In addition to our lunch in our dining room, we prepared breakfast of potatoes, pancakes and sausage for early teens participating in a Career Adventures Camp at the Dayton Library.   We made fresh salads for a program at Dakota Center where kids in the day camp and senior citizens were having lunch together.  We made lunch for a group of women participating in a Court program that helps them stay on track in recovery.   We made dinner that was to be served at Zion Missionary Baptist Church on West Third.  We made chicken alfredo with fresh vegetables for 80 girls participating in a summer Girls Mentoring Camp.   To end our day, we made chicken fingers and pans of fresh fruit for kids participating in a Sports Camp at Ft. McKinley Church's Dayton location.

And we loved every minute of our day serving others with great food, kindness, and compassion.

House of Bread to Build a Family Dining Room
June 10, 2018

The House of Bread is building onto our current location. We are adding about 4,500 square feet for a Family Dining Room complete the family accessible bathrooms! We are adding private conference rooms, additional dining space, along with expanding our food storage spaces behind the kitchen area. We hope to have the expansion completed and open by Christmas of 2018!

Easy Ways to Help
April 4, 2014

 This entry to the blog is devoted to how you can help the House of Bread at little cost to you.   I am often asked how people can best help us, and well, there are many ways.   So here are a few thoughts:

- Follow us on facebook and add to the conversation
- Bring us your used newspaper pages, not the glossy ads, just the actual papers.   We'll use them in the compost bin and as layers in the vegetable garden.
- Speaking of the garden, give us 60 minutes of weeding time!
- Save your used plastic bags from when you go shopping and donate them to us.  Our guests use them for carrying items such as loaves of bread and fruit.
- Collect hotel sized toiletry items when you travel, drop them off, and we'll hand them out to our guests.

All the above are ways that are truly helpful!