Black Lives Matter Statement - July 2020

Black Lives Matter Statement: Racism as a Public Health Crisis
July 26, 2020

As an organization made up of diverse people, it has taken us some time of reflection and thought to put our feelings into words. We deem it important to share with you, our donors and friends, our thoughts about the issues of racism as a public health crisis. As well as conveying vehemently, that Black Lives Matter.

The House of Bread is a community kitchen, founded in 1983 by a Catholic nun and a Jewish businessman, with a simple belief that no one deserved to go hungry. This simple belief guides our actions as we serve everyone who walks through our doors, ensuring that each is treated with value. We are not a faith-based agency, although many people who serve with us are guided by their individual faith and belief system.

It is from this place of compassion and kindness that we see and feel the struggles of the people we serve. In talking with many of our guests, we hear their struggles and their cries for true justice. To adequately serve our guests, we must take a stand against the injustices of racism that impair the well-being of our guests, specifically our black guests and friends.

Structural racism affects a great many of our guests in all aspects of their lives, from healthcare to housing to employment as well as a disproportionate representation in the criminal justice system. To adequately address these issues, we must take a hard and uncomfortable look inward. To discover our own implicit biases that we may not have realized were there.

We are only just beginning the work that needs to be done to structure our organization and our services in a way that reflects that ‘Black Lives Matter’, and to all of us. In our pursuit of added accountability, we look to further diversify our board, as well as our staff, and ensure our services can be accessed by everyone who needs help. Racism is a public health crisis. Please remain with us as we work to combat this crisis along with food insecurity, one hot meal at a time.


Melodie Bennett
Executive Director

Taraisa Fecke
Director of Food Resources 

Patti Lovely

Part time staff:
Brian Green                                                                         Entisar Khan
Coffee Barista                                                                      Housekeeping

Hiacinthe Greene-Modeste                                                  Scottie Parks
Extraordinary Chef                                                               Dishwasher and Utility

Stefan Raglin                                                                       Ruby Benson
Kitchen and Dining Room Staff member                              Family Dining Room and kitchen

Jamaal Landon,                                                                    David Hillix,
Kitchen staff                                                                          Kitchen staff

Racquel Green                                                                     Teri Goretta
Family Dining Room                                                             Kitchen staff

About Us

Our mission:
To prevent hunger and serve as a bridge to beneficial community resources.

Operating Hours:
Building Open from 11am – 1:30pm
Lunch Served from 11:00am – 1:00pm

Guiding principles:
The House of Bread was founded in 1983 by Sister Dorothy Kammerer and Joe Bettman, with the belief that no one deserves to go hungry. Over 30 years since the first meal was served, the House of Bread today operates with that very principle.

At the House of Bread, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone deserves to have a meal in a place where they feel welcome and appreciated. No one is ever turned away from the House of Bread, and everyone is treated as a special guest.

We prevent hunger by offering a hot, nutritious, lunchtime meal 7 days a week. Staff and volunteers work together, primarily using donated food, to prepare the meal each day.  We serve lunch in two dining rooms, with one being specifically for our families with children.

We don’t believe in duplicating programs or resources offered by other social service agencies in the area. So while our guests enjoy lunch, we offer them referrals and assistance in accessing needed resources. We help our guests with everything from a simple phone call, referral to emergency shelter, to help with finding a preschool for their children.

Where we are:
We offer this meal in our dining room on 9 Orth Avenue in Innerwest Dayton. We’re close to the intersection of West Third and Edwin C. Moses Boulevard, and we’re just off Negley Avenue. You can also locate us off West Riverview, on the other side of McIntosh Park, and behind Catholic Social Services building.

Oversight and Accountability:
The House of Bread is a private, 501c3 not for profit organization. We are overseen by a Governing Board of Directors, who hire and advise the Executive Director. The House of Bread meets all accountability standards set by the Better Business Bureau, and is a member of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. We are partner agency of the United Way of the Greater Dayton. Our financial records are audited at the end of each fiscal year.