It's Cold Outside.... during Covid!
February 10, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has dropped off coats, sleeping bags, blankets, or sent us sleeping bags and hats thru Amazon delivery.  We so appreciate your caring enough to help so many of our daily guests stay warm through this month.

Covid brings the challenge of having to stay distant, and not spend much time indoors.  While we have plexiglass barriers up between the 16 available seats in our dining room, we can only allow people to stay for a limited amount of time.   With the frigid temps expected this weekend, we will do our best to accomodate longer stay times so people can warm up!

Carry outs but still caring
April 23, 2020

The way we're offering lunches looks a lot different these days, as we're serving lunches in carry out containers with juice or bottled water instead of welcoming our guests to sit down and eat.   Because we expanded our building in 2019 by adding the family dining space, we are able to let our youngest guests sit and eat with their families, as it's pretty hard to push a stroller, juggle multiple young children, and safely carry containers of food.

The way we care for our guests has not changed.   People can still access a phone to make a call, we can help people with additional items they need, and of course our bathroom facilities are open.   

Recently a young girl fell and scraped her knee on the way in the family dining room.  We found neosporin and band aids, and had a good laugh as we tried to fix her up while wearing a mask and gloves and fumbled through it.   Kudos to nurses who do that type of work every day, as we need lessons in putting on band aids with gloves!

We look forward to the time when we can reopen our dining rooms and spend time with our guests.

Covid-19 Response from House of Bread
March 31, 2020

During this challenging time, we have temporarily changed our operations to adapt to our new environment.

We are currently serving up to 50 people in the dining room at one time, and we are offering second plates in carry out form to our guests.  

We are cleaning and santizing tables and door handles daily, in an attempt to keep our guests, and our staff, as healthy as possible during this crisis.