Our Community, Better Together
June 3, 2019

Today at House of Bread, we were the recipient of fresh lettuces, spinach and radishes, just picked from the Westwood School Garden. This beautiful produce was grown by the students at this DPS Elementary School, with assistance from Wright State University (Colleen Saxen) and Homeful. Five Rivers Metro Parks and Homeful provided the seeds, and the money for garden tools was given by Montgomery County Public Health (the Healthy Communities Program). What an amazing line of faith and action! 

House of Bread will serve salads to our guests tomorrow with these fresh greens. This is the way community thrives!

Carroll Students Serve Nearly 800 Meals in Week of Volunteering
June 28, 2018

Maria Bossart didn’t expect to see many smiles in our dining room the day she and her classmates from Carroll High School volunteered at the House of Bread.

“There were a lot of people smiling and thanking us and I didn’t expect that. It was nice to see how we could make a difference,” Maria said.

Maria, and nearly 50 of her soon-to-be senior classmates, volunteered throughout the second week of June as part of Carroll High School’s Christian Service Work Camp. For nearly a decade, Carroll High School has partnered with the House of Bread to provide students an opportunity to put their faith into action.

“Doing things like this is really at the heart of the school’s mission. Going out and doing this community work is really paramount to reinforcing the school’s mission and having the kids put their faith into action.” Carroll High School Communications Director Michael Franz.

Carroll students worked together in preparing and serving nearly 800 lunches throughout the course of their four days of volunteering. Journaling their volunteerism each day, students in the high school’s camp reflect on their experiences in a larger essay at the end of the week.

“I really enjoyed it. Being able to prepare the food and serve it to the people,” Maria said.

“With a lot of the places I personally volunteer at you prepare food at home and take it somewhere or you just go and serve food. It was fun to prepare it all as a team.”

Teachers who accompanied students said the volunteer experience allowed students to give back in a uniquely personal way.

“I think for me the most rewarding part is watching the kids interact with the guests. It makes it seem a more human process. It’s easy to do a canned foods drive, but I think this experience allows them to put a face to the need.” Carroll High School Teacher Molly Stanifer said.

628 Meals in One Day!
June 14, 2018

Yesterday we served 286 guests in our dining room at the House of Bread. The lunch was a choice of ground turkey with tomatoes and potatoes, or ham with sweet potatoes, with a side of fresh vegetables, bread, tossed salad, fruit and yogurt.  

In addition to our lunch in our dining room, we prepared breakfast of potatoes, pancakes and sausage for early teens participating in a Career Adventures Camp at the Dayton Library.   We made fresh salads for a program at Dakota Center where kids in the day camp and senior citizens were having lunch together. We made lunch for a group of women participating in a Court program that helps them stay on track in recovery.   We made dinner that was to be served at Zion Missionary Baptist Church on West Third.  We made chicken alfredo with fresh vegetables for 80 girls participating in a summer Girls Mentoring Camp.   To end our day, we made chicken fingers and pans of fresh fruit for kids participating in a Sports Camp at Ft. McKinley Church's Dayton location.

And we loved every minute of our day serving others with great food, kindness, and compassion.