How to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How you can help:


The items right now we need the most are:

Water bottles 
Barbeque Sauce
Ranch Dressing
Juice Bottles
Pre-packaged crackers and chips 
Ramen Noodles in cups
Lunchmeat and cheese slices
Fruit cups/Raisins/Goldfish/String cheese for children's snacks
Vegetable oil and Pan Spray
Diapers in sizes 4, 5 and 6 - and baby wipes
Personal hygiene items:  socks and new extra large sweatshirts with hoods

Plastic Forks and Plastic Grocery Bags

We are currently not utilizing volunteer help in our kitchen or inside operations until further notice.  We are looking at ways we can reopen our dining room during the winter months at limited capacity.       

Please consider donating financially to help us through this critical time,  click here.